About ILICO...

Established in 2016, the Coastal Ocean and Nearshore Observation French Research Infrastructure (“ILICO”) is dedicated to observing and improving our understanding of seashore environments and coastal ecosystems. ILICO is a distributed infrastructure comprised of observation networks deploying a wide range of instruments to sample and measure parameters at high and / or low frequencies. Long-term monitoring facilitates the understanding and anticipation of large-scale processes and phenomena that can impact coastal and littoral zones (such as quantifying the impact of extreme and / or intermittent events such as tsunamis or cyclones).

The networks comprising ILICO are COAST HF, CORAIL, DYNALIT, MOOSE, PHYTOBS, ReefTEMPS, SOMLIT and SONEL. ILICO federates a network of over 50 laboratories involved in coastal and nearshore research, representing all disciplines. 

ILICO aims to become synonymous with coastal and nearshore observation and research nationally and internationally. 

To find out more - in English - read our review Coastal Ocean and Nearshore Observation: A French Case Study


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Interactive map of ILICO field sites



Assemblée Générale / Colloque Scientifique EVOLECO

La Rochelle

L'IR-ILICO organise annuellement un colloque dédié à des réflexions autour de questions scientifiques et donnant lieu à son Assemblée Générale.

MAJ 28/09/2020

Malgré l'annulation du colloque scientifique, une partie de la séquence ILICO (dont l'Assemblée Générale) sera maintenue à distance (i.e. visio). Merci de conserver vos journées du lundi 26 et mardi 27 octobre (le programme est en cours d'actualisation et sera affiché / circulé prochainement).


15th Research Data Alliance virtual plenary meeting (from 18 march to 10 April)


With the recent cancellation of Plenary 15 in Melbourne, Australia, the local organising committee, RDA Technical Advisory Board and RDA Secretariat announced RDA Virtual Plenary 15 (VP 15), taking place 18 March – 10 April 2020.


Colloque merIGéo 2020

Bordeaux, France

Ce colloque national dédié à la géomatique appliquée aux océans se tiendra du 17 au 19 mars 2020 à Bordeaux.



Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

La conférence décénale OceanObs'19 se tiendra du 16 au 20 septembre 2019 au Hawaii Convention Center, à Honolulu.

Date limite pour soumission d'abstract : 15 mars 2018


Copernicus Land Monitoring Service Coastal Zones

Bruxelles, Belgique

We will hold a workshop/meeting on 3rd of October 2019 in Brussels to discuss and present the outcomes


Copernicus Marine for MSFD

Bruxelles, Belgique

Mercator Ocean International organizes in October 2 2019 in Brussels, Belgium, an event entitled “Copernicus Marine for MSFD”.


4ème colloque national des aires marines protégées

Palais des congrès de Biarritz

Le colloque national des aires marines protégées est programmée ! Il aura lieu les 22, 23 et 24 octobre 2019, au palais des congrès de Biarritz.