Copernicus Marine for MSFD

Mercator Ocean International organizes in October 2 2019 in Brussels, Belgium, an event entitled “Copernicus Marine for MSFD”.

MSFD was introduced in 2008 by the EU to promote sustainable use of Europe’s seas and conserve marine ecosystems. Its overall objective is to achieve or maintain Good Environmental Status (GES) of all EU marine waters by 2020.

In the frame of its core mission, the Copernicus Marine Service is due to support EU policies and initiatives implementation in Member States. Mercator Ocean International wishes to take stock of the Copernicus Marine Service assets & issues for MSFD and prepare a practical improvement roadmap with Member States.
Mercator Ocean International organizes on October 2 2019 in Brussels, Belgium, an event entitled “Copernicus Marine for MSFD” with the following objectives:
  • Listen to European agencies and Member States experience, needs and priorities in terms of Copernicus Marine data for MSFD.
  • Share EU Member States MSFD user experience using Copernicus Marine.
  • Listen to  EU Member States requirements wrt future Copernicus Marine data for their MSFD strategies.
  • Present Copernicus Marine propositions in terms of data according to MSFD descriptors
Please also note that, as this is a short one day workshop, we will address the above objectives without taking the time to remind the generic information on how the various actors attending are involved in the MSFD. Prerequisite information about- the Copernicus Marine Service,  the European Environment Agency (EEA) and Joint Research Center (JRC) – can be found here.

Draft agenda