Forum EOOS : Integrated and Sustained Ocean Observing: a European Strategy

The ocean is a crucial source of food, water, energy and raw materials. Acting as a medium for tourism, transport and commerce, it is now considered to be the world’s seventh largest economy. Routine and sustained ocean observations are crucial to further our understanding of the complex and vast oceanic environment and to supply scientific data and analyses sufficient to meet society’s needs.

As a single, connected framework that delivers systematic and sustained ocean observations, EOOS, an integrated European Ocean Observing System, will have a key role in providing this essential information.

With support building across the observation community, the EOOS 2018 Forum is bringing together ocean observing funders, implementers and users for the first time to explore how we can work together and what we need to do to make this vision a reality. Our focus will be the sustainability of the current observing systems and how we can ensure their fitness for purpose.

The Forum is an opportunity to hear about the latest developments, get involved and help shape the way forward for EOOS. Now’s the chance to share your thinking and ideas with colleagues on the critical questions for the sustainable development of the European Ocean Observing System, and what we need to do as a community to address these.

It is hoped that those taking part feel a renewed commitment to engaging in the process of moving EOOS to the next level and in particular:

  • Will have been able to contribute their ideas and concerns;
  • Feel more confident in making the case for further and increased investment in EOOS;
  • Appreciate the importance of, and understand the scale of the challenges in sustaining this complex system;
  • Have strengthened relationships with other key players – implementers, users, and funders;
  • Have a hand in shaping the EOOS strategy and implementation plan for the coming years.

The guidance and recommendations from the discussions will inform the EOOS strategy 2018-2023 and implementation plan, open for further consultation this year. Implementation will be explored in greater depth at the EOOS Conference on 21-23 November 2018.

Initiated by the EOOS Steering Group as the main forum for an integrated European Ocean Observing System, the event will discuss the EOOS strategy, developed further to the stakeholder consultation Dec. 2016- Jan. 2017, and seek feedback on the way forward.

The EOOS Forum will take place on Thursday 8 March 2018, at ‘Area 42’, Rue des Palais 46, 1030 Brussels, Belgium (map).